Places to Explore in Goa

When we think of beaches in India, the smallest state here is one of the most pleasing, and without saying it’s Goa.
Goa is the favourite destination and each year Tourism of Goa welcome’s millions of tourist’s. Goa is one of the perfect combination of Indian & Portuguese culture and is known for the things every traveller wishes
to include in their holiday. Goa has everything,
the Best things to do in Goa is visiting religious places, hill stations, beaches, Best city life, shopping experiences,
yummy food with different cuisines, historical sites, vibrant nightlife and the culture to fall in love with.

The roads in Goa are well-connected and well-maintained, and also its quite easy to hire a car or self drive Car rental in Goa. Some
important things you should consider before planning a trip to this wonderful destination is the mode of transport in
Goa – Whether to Book a Car Rental in Goa ,Self Car Hire in Goa or Hire Car at Goa Airport and just roam of the city
with your Rented Car. This is also a cost-effective option along with being the most convenient one.

The common popping question in mind of the tourists who are planning to visit Goa for the very first time, is
Which Places to Explore in North Goa or South Goa? North Goa is all about food, drink & party till the night is young
& South Goa is all about food, drink, clean & less crowded beaches & serenity. So, if you are planning a holiday to Goa, then here are some of the best places to Explore in Goa :-